For my ITP graduate thesis, I built a garment designed to erotically stimulate the wearer. I designed and milled breakout boards for use with the Adafruit Flora. I intend to continue with my thesis, refining each circuit to be more power friendly and embeddable.

The idea behind the garment is to explore how computing has given birth to a new form of sexual intimacy. One that does not objectify human parts, but takes flesh as material to augment and multiply desired abilities, faculties in the same vein as wearable trends.

This site exists as a documentation archive and the first step of claiming a networked presence for Venus. While immediate next steps involve technical work, part of ongoing research is to develop an environment where the Patchworked Venus body lives.


I am building a body from two parts, a suit and the wearer. The Suit erotically stimulates while the Wearer’s flesh activates the Suit's embodied narrative, enabling Wearer to become an extension of the Suit, the Suit an extension of the Wearer.